Budget 2018: Equality and Growth for the Middle Class in Waterloo

February 28, 2018 – Waterloo, Ontario

The Government of Canada is building on its successful long-term plan that focuses on people and on the things that matter most to Canadians.

Providing all Canadians with opportunities to participate fully in the economy is not only the right thing to do but also the smart thing to do, and it will lead to stronger growth for the middle class and those working hard to join it.

Now is the right time to build an economy that truly reflects the diversity of our country, where all Canadians can contribute to—and share in—Canada’s prosperity.

Today, the Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, was in Waterloo to highlight Budget 2018, Equality + Growth: A Strong Middle Class, the Government’s people-centred plan to strengthen the middle class and support economic growth.

Minister Bains spoke to students at Wilfrid Laurier University and discussed how the Government is making new investments through Budget 2018 that ensure every Canadian has an equal chance at success.

Through Budget 2018, the Government will:

  • make significant progress toward equality by supporting equal parenting, addressing the gender wage gap, taking action against gender-based violence and introducing a new Women Entrepreneurship Strategy;
  • put more money in the pockets of those who need it the most by improving access to the Canada Child Benefit and introducing the new Canada Workers Benefit (a strengthened version of the Working Income Tax Benefit);
  • support science and innovation by renewing the Government’s commitment to the next generation of research and researchers, providing record investments for researchers and equipment, and reforming business innovation programs to make it easier for Canadian businesses to get the information and support they need to succeed at home and abroad; and
  • advance reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples by investing to close the gap between the living conditions of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, ensuring First Nations children are safe within their communities, and supporting the recognition of rights and self determination.

By building on the Government’s plans to invest in the middle class, Budget 2018 takes additional significant steps to ensure everyone has the opportunity to fully participate in the Canadian economy, leading to economic growth that works for all.



“It’s time to build an economy that truly reflects the values we share as Canadians. Together, we can create an economy that works for all of us and a country where differences are recognized not as a barrier to success but as a source of strength, and where we all have the same opportunity to succeed.”

– The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development

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Parvinder SachdevaBudget 2018: Equality and Growth for the Middle Class in Waterloo

Helping women entrepreneurial leaders establish a business presence in India

February 20, 2018 – Mumbai, India

It can be challenging for start-up companies to establish contacts in new markets and understand how best to operate in other countries. That’s why we are committed to creating opportunities to help start-up companies expand beyond Canada’s borders.

Thanks to a partnership between the Government of Canada and the Government of India, up to 100 companies—50 from Canada and 50 from India—will benefit from a two-year pilot project that will promote women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship in both countries.

During a visit to the Ryerson Futures facility at the Bombay Stock Exchange, the Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, announced a $500,000 contribution from the Government of Canada for this two-year pilot project.

Ten women-led software start-ups from Canada and 10 from India will be selected each year to participate in the Zone Startups India program, a partnership between Ryerson Futures Inc. and the Bombay Stock Exchange. The program aims to help them overcome globalization challenges and establish relationships in the Canadian and Indian marketplaces.

In total, 20 Canadian start-ups will be selected to go to Mumbai over the course of the two-year project, while 20 Indian start-ups will be selected to come to Toronto. The women leading these start-ups will benefit from access to mentors and advisors, invitations to local start-up events and meetings with Indian and Canadian government officials to learn about the process of setting up and running a business in their host country.

Each year, Zone Startups will also offer intensive two-day seminars in both Toronto and Mumbai for 30 additional firms that are interested in collaboration between the two countries. This will benefit an additional 60 firms in both countries over two years.

“Innovation is about finding solutions, and great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. We cannot ignore half of our world’s population as we strive to find solutions to the problems of today and create the jobs of tomorrow. Canadian companies are increasingly exploring India as a destination for investment, and we are proud to participate in a partnership that will help even more start-ups expand beyond Canada’s borders.”
– The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development

“Women entrepreneurs and business owners represent a significant source of untapped talent and potential for greater economic growth and new jobs in Canada and abroad. Unlocking this potential is a priority of our government. That is why we are supporting this program and helping women start and grow businesses by improving access to financing and promoting women in international trade.”
– The Honourable Bardish Chagger, Leader of the Government in the House of Commons and Minister of Small Business and Tourism

Quick Facts
Established in 2013, Ryerson Futures Inc. is a start-up accelerator currently operating multiple programs in Canada and India. It helps developing software companies validate their market and identify potential customers and sources of funds.

The Government of Canada’s contribution represents half of the cost of the pilot project. The remainder will come from the Government of India.

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Parvinder SachdevaHelping women entrepreneurial leaders establish a business presence in India

Prime Minister announces new commercial partnerships with India and thousands of middle class jobs for Canadians

Mumbai, India
February 20, 2018


India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and offers significant opportunities to strengthen Canada’s middle class and bolster our shared prosperity. Our deep cultural and people-to-people ties foster an economic relationship that creates high quality jobs in both our countries.

While meeting with business leaders in Mumbai today, the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, welcomed more than $1 billion in investments between Canadian and Indian companies, which will lead to the creation of more than 5,800 good, well-paying middle class jobs for Canadians.

These investments will grow Canada’s economy, encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, and see increased collaboration in several key sectors, including infrastructure, information technology, aerospace, clean technology, film production, and research and development.

Later in the day, the Prime Minister participated in a women’s leadership roundtable and met with a number of business executives to discuss how Canadians and Indians can benefit from new opportunities to cooperate in the global economy and promote women’s economic empowerment.

He then participated in an armchair discussion at the Canada-India Business Forum before attending an event with members of the Indian film industry and a reception with business and community leaders.


“As one of the world’s fastest growing economies, India offers exciting opportunities for Canadian businesses of all sizes. The partnerships announced today will create thousands of good, middle class jobs for Canadians, and are further proof of the ever-growing ties between our two countries.”
—The Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Quick Facts

  • During the visit to Mumbai, the Prime Minister met with the senior corporate leadership of the following companies: Tata Sons, Infosys, Mahindra Group of Companies, Jubilant Bhartia Group, Aditya Birla Group, and Shapoorji Pallonji Group.
  • Canada and India enjoy a strong and growing commercial relationship, in addition to important cultural and people-to-people ties.
  • Merchandise exports to India totalled $4.18 billion in 2017, making India Canada’s seventh-largest destination for merchandise exports, while merchandise imports totalled $4.16 billion that same year.
  • Bilateral trade in services between our two countries reached $2.1 billion for 2016, an increase of 1.9 per cent over 2015. India is also Canada’s 10th-largest source of tourists and international visitors, with 224,000 visits made from India to Canada in 2016.

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Parvinder SachdevaPrime Minister announces new commercial partnerships with India and thousands of middle class jobs for Canadians

Government of Canada’s new innovation program expected to create tens of thousands of middle-class jobs

$950-million investment positions Canada for an innovation boom in high-growth sectors

February 15, 2018 – Ottawa, ON

When small, medium-sized and large companies, academic institutions and not-for-profit organizations come together to generate bold ideas, Canadians benefit from more well-paying jobs, groundbreaking research and a world-leading innovation economy.

That’s why the Government of Canada is investing up to $950 million under the Innovation Superclusters Initiative.

The investment, which will be matched dollar for dollar by the private sector, is expected to create more than 50,000 middle-class jobs and grow Canada’s economy by $50 billion over the next 10 years.

In 2017, the Government of Canada challenged Canadian businesses of all sizes to collaborate with other innovation actors, including post-secondary and research institutions, to propose bold and ambitious strategies that would transform regional economies and develop job-creating superclusters of innovation, like Silicon Valley.

Today, the Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, announced Canada’s five superclusters:

  • The Ocean Supercluster (based in Atlantic Canada) will use innovation to improve competitiveness in Canada’s ocean-based industries, including fisheries, oil and gas, and clean energy;
  • The SCALE.AI Supercluster (based in Quebec) will make Canada a world leading exporter by building intelligent supply chains through artificial intelligence and robotics;
  • The Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster (based in Ontario) will connect Canada’s technology strengths to our manufacturing industry to make us a world manufacturing leader in the economy of tomorrow;
  • The Protein Industries Supercluster (based in the Prairies) will make Canada a leading source for plant proteins and help feed the world;
  • The Digital Technology Supercluster (based in British Columbia) will use big data and digital technologies to unlock new potential in important sectors like healthcare, forestry, and manufacturing.

The Innovation Superclusters Initiative is a centrepiece of the Government of Canada’s Innovation and Skills Plan, a multi-year strategy to prepare Canada for the innovative jobs of today and tomorrow.



“Today we are investing in five superclusters so that tomorrow we will be more than 50,000 jobs richer and benefit from an even stronger economy—an innovation economy. With the Superclusters Initiative, we bet on Canadians. We looked at what we did well across our great nation, and we asked industry, academia and NGOs how we could do it better. The response was impressive and the ideas were remarkable.”

– The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development

“When Canadian small businesses succeed, Canadians succeed. That’s why I’m thrilled to see more than 300 Canadian small and medium-sized businesses playing such a central role in Canada’s superclusters. Our economy is changing, and this kind of collaboration—between large and small businesses, alongside community and academic partners—shows what is possible when we work together. I am especially proud of the fact that so many of these small businesses are run by women. These new superclusters will create great new opportunities for them to scale up, export and create well-paying middle-class jobs. This is great news for our economy, for Canadian innovation and for our society.”

– The Honourable Bardish Chagger, Leader of the Government in the House of Commons and Minister of Small Business and Tourism

“Groundbreaking Canadian research is at the heart of these superclusters. We are renowned for our bold progress in artificial intelligence, ocean and marine science, and agriculture. With our Superclusters Initiative, scientists in these fields and others can look forward to expanding their research horizons in partnership with their academic peers, businesses, entrepreneurs and members of the non-profit community.”

– The Honourable Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science and Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities

“The government’s investment in the Ocean Supercluster will position Canada as a global leader in the ocean economy of the future. It catalyzes unprecedented private investment in collaborative innovation across Canada’s ocean sectors, including energy, food and bio products, shipping, defence, and ocean technology. This will kick start new partnerships, innovations, and economic opportunities.”

– Robert Orr, Managing Director, Cuna del Mar

“SCALE.AI will build something unique: bolster Canada’s leadership in AI and data science, and define the new supply-chain platform, deeply impacting the retail, manufacturing and transport sectors. SCALE.AI will drive economic growth, create highly-skilled jobs and boost our talent pool, putting AI at the service of all Canadians.”

– Louis Roy, President, Optel Group, and Hélène Desmarais, Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer, CEIM, Co-Presidents, SCALE.AI Supercluster

“Led by some of Canada’s strongest companies, the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster will drive greater connectivity and collaboration between our manufacturing and technology sectors. By leveraging southern Ontario’s innovation infrastructure and a strong network of manufacturing, technology and business expertise, we’re confident that the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster will drive exponential benefits for industry and the Canadian economy.”

– Linda Hasenfratz, CEO, Linamar and lead applicant for the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster

“The world has a growing appetite for crop protein. That’s a huge new opportunity for Canada but also a challenge. The Innovation Supercluster Initiative will help farmers, feed and food processors meet that challenge and provide high quality plant proteins for the global market.”

– Frank Hart, Chair of the Board for the Protein Industries Supercluster

“Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster represents over 200 member organizations, including large, medium and small enterprises as well as not-for-profit entities and post-secondary institutions. Leveraging the capability of Canada’s world-leading broadband telecommunications networks, we will use advanced data collection, analytics and visualization in order to realize breakthroughs in sectors such as healthcare, natural resources and industrial applications. Our goal is to produce innovations that have tremendous local and global impacts.”

– Josh Blair, Chief Corporate Officer, Executive Vice President TELUS, founding member of Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster

Quick Facts

  • Superclusters are dense areas of business activity where many of the middle-class jobs of today and tomorrow are created. They attract large and small companies that collaborate with universities, colleges and not-for-profit organizations to turn ideas into solutions that can be brought to market.
  • Together the superclusters represent more than 450 businesses, 60 post-secondary institutions and 180 other participants in sectors covering 78 percent of Canada’s economy.
  • Having the strong representation of women and under-represented groups in these superclusters is a top priority. The superclusters will endeavour to increase the representation of women and under-represented groups in their activity and leadership, helping them succeed in skilled jobs in highly innovative industries.
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Parvinder SachdevaGovernment of Canada’s new innovation program expected to create tens of thousands of middle-class jobs

Clean resources industry leader joins expert group to advise on new business opportunities and jobs for Canadians

Leaders from six innovative sectors to guide federal efforts to shape Canada’s future economic growth

February 5, 2018 – Ottawa, ON

Six industry leaders are being asked to guide the Government of Canada’s efforts to ensure middle-class Canadians have access to well-paying jobs today and in the future. The six leaders will chair the government’s Economic Strategy Tables, which represent high-growth industries.

The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, today announced that Lorraine Mitchelmore, President and CEO of Field Upgrading, based in Calgary, Alberta, will chair the clean resources table. Ms. Mitchelmore joins the five previously announced chairs:

Each chair presides over a group of approximately 15 members as they guide federal efforts to create the conditions for long-term growth that lead to new business opportunities and middle-class jobs for Canadians.

There are technology disruptions in virtually every sector of the economy, and the government is ensuring that Canadian businesses and people have the information and skills they need to benefit from all emerging technologies.

The Economic Strategy Table chairs were selected based on the advice of industry leaders and associations as well as federal government departments. Industry chairs and table members represent a diverse group of experts from six high-growth sectors.

The Economic Strategy Tables will set ambitious growth targets for Canadian innovators, identify sector-specific challenges and create a roadmap to support Canada’s global success.

The Economic Strategy Tables are part of the Government’s Innovation and Skills Plan to create well-paying jobs and strengthen the middle class by investing in high-growth sectors where Canada has a globally competitive advantage.



“The sectors that drive innovation are where the middle-class jobs of today and tomorrow are created. Our government is committed to working with entrepreneurs and innovators to generate new business opportunities, create good middle-class jobs and equip Canadians with the skills they need for the jobs of the future. Our government looks forward to working with industry partners through the Economic Strategy Tables to turn high-growth Canadian companies into global successes.”

– The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development

“Our government is making major investments in clean technology innovation and clean resources to strengthen competitiveness and environmental performance. The expert advice provided by these leaders and their Economic Strategy Tables will identify bottlenecks and barriers to innovation, helping to pave the way for natural resource sectors to be clean growth leaders, create well-paying jobs for Canadians and achieve our climate change goals.”

– The Honourable Jim Carr, Minister of Natural Resources

Quick Facts

  • Each table will present a report of its findings and recommendations by summer 2018.
  • These tables will support the government’s goal of doubling the number of high-growth Canadian companies to 28,000 from 14,000 by 2025.
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Parvinder SachdevaClean resources industry leader joins expert group to advise on new business opportunities and jobs for Canadians